Savivity (2005)

Anthony Wilson Trio

A complex quality of knowingness, compassion, inquisitiveness, and depth, combined with rare humor, alove of the Beatles, and a belief in the healing and regerative power of music of all kinds.

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Savivity (2005)

Anthony Wilson Trio

    Jazz Times

Now a four-year veteran of Diana Krall’s road band, Anthony Wilson reunites with organist Joe Bagg and drummer Mark Ferber to follow up Our Gang with the exceptional Savivity. As if to prove that a “mainstream” date can be unpredictable and forward-focused, Wilson chooses seldom-heard songs (“You’re the Top,” Django’s “Fleur d’Ennui”) and brings skill and conviction to the more common ones (“A Child Is Born,” “All the Things You Are”). His four originals are accessible yet idiosyncratic, somehow transcending the genres in which they’re written. “The Other Shore,” a slow bossa, has a straightforward lyrical line unfolding in an odd harmonic pattern, with Wilson’s unaccompanied interlude adding another wrinkle. “Jackson,” a longer piece in a laid-back swing feel, has a similar freshness. “Savivity,” a midtempo waltz, brings out darker colors and features one of Bagg’s more ruminative solos. “Sea Blues” brightens the mood with an offbeat 12-bar bebop head, followed by inspired blowing. Wilson’s soulful touch is a genuine pleasure, and his interplay with Bagg and Ferber never seems rote.

David R. Adler[read full review]

    All Music -

Guitarist Anthony Wilson is a particularly talented arranger-composer. He is usually heard with larger groups, so this trio outing gives listeners a rare opportunity to hear him stretch out as an improviser. The music mostly falls between hard bop and soul-jazz and tends to be laid-back and relaxed, even the rapid rendition of "All the Things You Are." The fine Los Angeles organist Joe Bagg works well with Wilson, while drummer Mark Ferber adds subtlety and swing. But the guitarist, who contributed four of the eight selections, is the main star and his soft tone and quietly inventive ideas make this set worth listening to closely. Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Scott Yanow[read full review]

Savivity (2005)

Anthony Wilson Trio

Cables: AudioQuest
Digital Converters: Meitner
Editing Software: Sonoma
Mastering Engineer: David Glasser - Airshow Mastering
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Producer: Joe Harley
Recording Engineer: Michael C. Ross
Recording location: Cello Studios, Hollywood CA. USA
Recording Type & Bit Rate: DSD64

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GRV1030: Savivity
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Fleur De Ennui
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All The Things You Are
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The Other Shore
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You're The Top
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Sea Blues
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A Child Is Born
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